Does a membership cost anything?

The regular Stardoll membership is free, and most of the games and features are also free. You can earn Starcoins for free by doing lots of fun activities on Stardoll.

All members get Starcoins and Stardollars as a kick-start gift from Stardoll. (The Starcoin and the Stardollar are Stardoll currencies.) If your child wants more clothes for their stardoll or decorations for their Suite than the membership includes, they will need to purchase these.

In order to get a Superstar Membership or buy Stardollars click on "Become a Superstar" or "More Stardollars" in the top right corner of the page. Once on the payment page, you can choose different methods of buying Stardollars and/or Superstar membership. You can also go directly to the payment page by clicking here. There you will find the prices listed for your country.
If you want to buy a Stardollar Gift Code, please make sure you are logged out, and go to or click here.

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